Fire Systems Maintenance Service – 609.060

Questar III’s Fire Systems Service involves two components: Fire Extinguisher Service and Fire Alarm System Testing and Cleaning as governed by NFPA standards.


Contact Information

Name: Craig Hansen
Address: Questar III Health, Safety and Risk Management Services, 10 Empire State Boulevard, Castleton NY 12033
Phone: 518.479-6974
Fax: 518.477-9833


Product Description

Questar III’s Fire Systems Service involves two components: Fire Extinguisher Service and Fire Alarm System Testing and Cleaning as governed by NFPA standards. The Fire Extinguisher Service provides school districts with annual inspection and tagging of its fire extinguishers. This newly mobile service assists districts with compliance to NFPA standards and NYS Fire Code. Teardown work will be conducted on-site in a factory equipped service vehicle. Detailed reports are provided to districts for individual extinguisher condition and location along with recommendations for compliance. The service follows the subsequent schedule:

  • every six years, ABC, BC and PURPLE – K powder extinguishers must be emptied, checked;
  • every12 years, they must be hydrostatically tested; and,
  • every five years, CO2, Wet Chemical & Water extinguishers must be hydrostatically tested.

*Monthly inspections are the responsibility of the district.*

Fire extinguisher maintenance checks include:

  • extinguishers are located in a designated area;
  • access/visibility to the extinguisher is clear, including appropriate signage;
  • pins and tamper indicators are not broken or missing;
  • pressure gauge is within the operable range; any new obvious damage;
  • corrosion;
  • charge of the extinguisher for leakage;
  • clogged hose or nozzle;
  • operating instructions legible and facing outward;

Fire Alarm System Testing and Cleaning provides school districts with:

  • annual testing and cleaning of smoke detectors;
  • manual testing of pull stations;
  • annual checking to ensure emergency lights function properly and exit signs lighted where required;
  • ensure all audible equipment (horns, buzzers, bells) and strobe indicators work properly;
  • ensure smoke and fire doors close properly

 ***NEW*** Kitchen Hood Suppression System Testing

The new Kitchen Hood Suppression System testing service provides semi-annual inspection and service of kitchen hood systems by certified suppression system inspectors. Semi-annual scheduling will be provided to ensure uninterrupted service. Emergency 24 hour service is also available. Initial inspection of systems will entail a full compliance review to ensure systems meet UL 300 requirements. Fusible links and CO2 cartridge replacement is included in the service pricing.

Semi-annual inspection and service of all kitchen hood units includes:

  • Full NFPA/UL 300 compliant 37 point inspection;
  • Inspect hood system for proper charge and operation;
  • Fusible links, CO2 cartridge replacement, parts as required;

(Five year hydro-testing of cylinders and chemicals will be charged separately)


Cost Methodology


  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Tagging is $7.50 per unit (Hydro testing, six – year service, parts and chemicals billed separately as required.)
  • Alarm System Inspection Annual testing and cleaning (smoke detectors) $12.00 per unit
  • Manual testing of pull stations $ 5.75 per unit
  • Semi-annual Kitchen Hood inspections are $180 per unit for each six month inspection.


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Averill Park, Berkshire, Berlin, Brunswick, Cohoes, East Greenbush, Germantown, Hoosic Valley, Ichabod Crane, Lansingburgh, Wynantskill

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