Data Analysis Service Bundle – 523.010

A part of a continuous improvement process, Questar III has a data analysis service bundle in response to district feed back.


Contact Information

Name: Jeff Baker
Address: Questar III, 10 Empire State Boulevard, Castleton NY 12033
Phone: 518.477.8771
Fax: 518.477.9833


Product Description

As part of a continuous improvement process, Questar III has a data analysis service bundle in response to district feedback. Customized reports and services have been combined to be used as foundational elements of a district’s assessment/instructional data analysis, curriculum development, curriculum mapping, and professional development of differentiated instruction. This service bundle consists of two types of customized reports plus the professional development necessary to help analyze the reports and train administrators and teachers how to use them. The analysis reports included in this CoSer include two types – Longitudinal Reports and Gap Analysis Reports.

Longitudinal Reports include multi-year individual student assessment data along with progress indicators that will clearly help districts analyze whether or not individual students are making academic progress. Customized reports can also be developed for districts using local (formative and/or benchmark) assessments. The reports can also aid in evaluating the effectiveness of AIS or special education program services.

The GAP analysis reports provide 3-8 NYS ELA and Math benchmark performance comparisons of targeted groups such as AIS or special education populations. The identification of benchmark performance gaps for specific standards and sub-skills can help assist in the development of more targeted and effective services and instruction for those specific populations.

Other features such as data warehouse submissions & coordination of data verifications, advanced survey development, and access to government databases may also be bundled as part of this service.

To hear more about how the data analysis service can be customized for your district’s needs and how they can assist your district’s school improvement effort, please contact Jeff Baker at 479-6851.

Additional Information

How To Add This Service

Enroll in the service when submitting the year’s Final Service Request (FSR) or join the service later by submitting a FSR amendment.

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