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Chemical Hygiene Program - 609.030

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Program Summary

Questar III's Chemical Hygiene Program aids school districts in their compliance of federally mandated OSHA Laboratory Standard 1910.1450.


Contact Information

Name: Craig Hansen
Address: Questar III Health, Safety and Risk Management Services, 10 Empire State Boulevard, Castleton NY 12033
Phone: 518.479-6974
Fax: 518.477-9833

Program Description

Questar III's Chemical Hygiene Program aids school districts in their compliance of federallymandated OSHA Laboratory Standard 1910.1450. Program assistance includes written programs, policies and procedures development. In addition to:

  • Chemical inventory;
  • Assistance with organization of chemical inventory to maximize efficiency of use and safety;
  • Safety audits and training;
  • Consultation and coordination of chemical storage and disposal;
  • Waste minimization through better organization of spaces and materials;
  • Advocacy of sharing raw materials between districts in an “emergency” situation;
  • Assistance with maintenance of appropriate program records; and,
  • Help with procurement and provision of Material Safety Data Sheets.

Continual contact is maintained with relevant regulatory agencies. Our chemical hygiene officer may further assist component school districts with their compliance efforts. In addition, consultation is available to school districts and architects involved in capitol projects to aid in construction of new and existing science facilities. Districts participating in this service have experienced fewer laboratory accidents, reduced inventories, and greater awareness of safety procedures and increased ratings from insurance loss control consultants.

  • Participating districts will be provided with emergency spill control kits for each of their chemical storage areas
  • Operations and maintenance areas will be inventoried and audited with recommendations for responsible reductions in inventories.
  • Art rooms and technology areas will be assessed for compliance to safe work practices.

Additional Information

  • How To Add This Service:
  • Cost Methodology: Science, Art, Technology classrooms and Maintenance areas cost/district $3,375 Hourly rate $90.00
  • Additional Benefits: Participating districts meet OSHA requirements, improve their insurance loss control property rating as a result of fewer laboratory accidents, and reduce their potential chemical liability. The schoo
  • Participating District(s): Averill Park, Berlin, Brunswick, Catskill, Chatham, Hoosic Valley, Ichabod Crane, Lansingburgh, New Lebanon, Rensselaer, Taconic Hills, Troy, Wynantskill
  • Type of Aid: BOCES - Districts become state aid eligible when participating in this CO-SER and Questar III’s BASE Health and Safety Service (CO-SER 609.011).


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